Chief Editor of journal
"Palliative Care and Rehabilitation"
G.. Novikov


Article texts are submitted in electronic form. They are sent to email editor@palliamed.ru or on disk, in program WORD for Windows, with extension .doc. Text printout should be attached to the texts submitted on diskettes.

Your manuscript should include:

  • Name of article and authors (in Russian and English languages);
  • UDK;
  • Brief information on authors (last name, name, middle name, academic degree, title, position);
  • Full name of the institution in which the article is made;
  • Brief summary, in Russian and English languages, with "Key words" specified;
  • Literature sources, see their presentation below.

An article submitted fir publication should be accompanied with review. Moreover, correspondence address or contact telephone number should be specified.

Manuscript text should be made approximately by the following scheme: introduction, aims and goals, applied materials and methods, work results, their discussion, conclusion and executed summary. Formulae should be either marked or made manually in a precise way. To avoid troubles, mark also upper and lower indexes in formulae. To avoid troubles, pay special attention to writing special terms, abbreviations and interpretation!

Illustrations should be made as black-white schemes (images) or black-white contrast photos. They should be numbered and signed. Files with extension .TIFF or .JPEG are accepted. Illustrations should be made with extension 300 dri, schemes with text - 600 dri.

The list of literature sources referenced or used in the article should include name of the author (authors), name of the article, name and number of periodicals, place (for monographs - publishing house), publication year, pages.

1. Ivanov .V., Sidorov S.S., etc. Article name. /Literature source. - Publishing house. - City. - Year. - Source . - pp.10-19.

First, specify Russian sources in the list of source documents, and then foreign sources in alphabetic order.

review concept of research and academic journal
"Palliative Care and Rehabilitation"

1.General provisions

1.1.   The statement determines review procedure of manuscripts submitted to editorial board of journal "Palliative Care and Rehabilitation".

1.2.   Statement on review concept of research and academic journal "Palliative Care and Rehabilitation" is considered on the meeting of the editorial board and approved by the chief editor of research journal "Palliative Care and Rehabilitation".

2. Review procedure of manuscripts submitted to editorial board of journal "Palliative Care and Rehabilitation".

2.1.   In accordance with Article acceptance conditions, all article submitted to the editorial board of the journal, are reviewed.

2.2. A reviewer is selected by the responsible secretary of the journal (as agreed with the chief editor of the journal) from members of the editorial board, editorial team or accepted specialists by the subject of reviewed materials that have had publications by the subject of the reviewed article within the last 3 years.
2.3.   Terms for review writing is established as agreed with the reviewer, but it should not exceed three weeks.

2.4.   A review should present relevance of submitted material, academic novelty of research, determine compliance of a test to be published with the general profile of the journal and artistic level of presentation (style, literacy of presentation, linguistic culture, etc).

2.5.   The reviewer makes a conclusion on possible article publishing: "recommended", "recommended with regards of corrections in reviewer remarks" or "not recommended".

2.6.   With positive review, the article is submitted to a meeting of the editorial board a make a decision on the publication.

2.7.   If the reviewer has any remarks on the article which require author's involvement, it is sent to authors for correction.

2.8.   Correction terms for the article author not more than three weeks are established based on reviewer remarks.

2.9.   Corrected article is submitted for re-review. The reviewer makes a conclusion on its possible publication. With possible conclusion, the article is submitted to a meeting of the editorial team to decide on publication.

2.10. With negative review, the article is additionally sent to another reviewer.

2.11. With two negative reviews, a motivated refusal to publish the article is sent to the author which is certified by the chief editor or its deputy.

2.12. If a second review is positive, article publication is discussed on a meeting of the editorial board.

2.13. The content of each journal edition is approved on a meeting of the editorial board in which a decision is made whether to accept each article for publication with regards of reviewers' opinion which is recorded in the protocol.

2.14. After the editorial board makes a decision to accept the article for publication, the responsible secretary informs the author and states publication terms.

2.15. Original reviews are kept in the publishing house and editorial office of the journal for 5 years.

2.16. The editorial office forwards copies of reviews or motivated refusal to authors, as well as forwards copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation when appropriate written request is submitted. The review is submitted without signature and specified surname, name, patronymic, position and working place of the reviewer».