Scope of the Journal

Research and academic journal “Palliative care and rehabilitation” is intended for a wide range of physicians of all specialties, health care professionals, patients and their relatives. The main aim of the journal – distribution of information in medical and social circles regarding actual problems of palliative care and rehabilitation which are directly associated with modern problems of national health care. The journal highlights methods of palliative medical care, quality increase of life and rehabilitation of patients with various nosological forms of progressive chronic diseases.

Columns of the journal

  • clinical and experimental studies
  • exchange of experience, practical notes, errors and complications in palliative care and patient rehabilitation
  •  history of palliative care and rehabilitation
  • economical and financial problems in health care
  • literature reviews, lectures
  • standard information on new medicinal agents
  • round table; juridical and legal issues
  • family doctor
  • psychotherapeutic aspects